^Like "Thank You" w/ a Japanese Accent.



YOU’RE DEAD! A Tumblr IRL by Flying Lotus

The first thing fans saw when they walked into Mack Sennett Studios was Michael Jackson. It was already weird, different and startling.

He pointed them to a smoked out, strobed tunnel that led them inside Flying Lotus’s brain.

A dark maze took them to Timeboy’s Shadowplay, a wall that cast moving images on their shadows.

The final room housed 10-foot pieces of album art​, a wall of moving images, more impersonators, a Grim Reaper, an Oculus immersion, and a perfectly-curated lineup of Brainfeeder DJs, a string quartet, a jazz band led by thundercattheamazing and, of course, Flying Lotus, who played his album for his fans to hear for the very first time in this lifetime. 

Oh BTW, that’s Herbie Hancock up there.

Artwork by shintarokago0086, strangelooptv and thefrequencymass. Photos and GIFs by ounce.

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Kill la Kill (キルラキル) key frames of Kengo Saito’s (斉藤健吾) impressively choreographed fight between Ryuko and Nui in episode #24. The fight sequence along with interesting rough motion drawings of each frame can be found in the Comiket 86 release Kengo Saito Vol.1 (Mandarake). 

(via animationtidbits)